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Cider is now the most popular drink in the UK

Cider has never been a more popular drink.


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A diary of events of interest to cider and perry aficionados - mostly cider festivals (and beer festivals with cider offered), but there are various other events also included such as wassailing (January only, of course), Apple Days and the like.

How is Cider made


As a cider or perry drinker, you don't need to know how it's made! But it's nice to know... We can even give you some ideas about making your own cider or perry; it's not that difficult!

What is Cider


Cider has never been a more popular drink. Recent polls suggest that cider is now the most popular drink in the UK - more so that beer or wine.

But what do 'they' mean by cider?

Cider and Perry Recipes


Gillian’s First Perry

50 lbs (approximately) of unknown variety pears
Yeastlab British Ale Yeast (A04)

I picked the pears and left them to stand for one week in a cool well aired area. I did …

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where to buy cider in the UK

Mulled Cider

You will need:

Whole cloves
Whole allspice
Cinnamon bark
Coarsely grated nutmeg
An apple
1 litre Cider

Mix the spices in roughly equal amounts and weigh out 8g of the mixture. Place into a small muslin bag …

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Sweet Cider

10 lbs Cox’s Orange Pippins (sweet apples)
5 lbs Tom Putts (acid apples)
5 lbs bitter sweet apples

Extract the juice reserving 4 fl oz for a starter. Add campden tablets to the …

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Dry Cider

For 5 gallons

50 lbs Tom Putts (sharp apples)
50 lbs mixed sweet apples

Extract the juice from the apples. Reserve 4 fl oz for starter to which you add champagne yeast and …

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