Old Scrump’s Cider House is an amalgamation of two websites – Gillian Grafton’s Real Cider & Perry website and Paul Gunningham’s Scrumpy User Guide website.

The Real Cider & Perry website (www.ciderandperry.co.uk) was created in the early 1990s by cider and perry enthusiast Gillian Grafton. It was one of the first – and is still one most valuable – web resources for cider and perry enthusiasts. Gillian created and maintained the site herself until 1996 when, due to pressure of work, she was unable to maintain it on an on-going basis, and as a result the website became somewhat out-of-date.

In 1999, Wurzels fan and cider drinker Paul Gunningham created his own cider website,The Scrumpy User Guide (www.zider.co.uk). This was written very much from the cider drinker’s point of view – more about buying, storing and drinking cider than Gillian’s more historical and scientific point of view.

In 2003, Gillian was approached by Paul who asked what her future plans were for the Real Cider & Perrywebsite. As luck would have it, Gillian had been looking for a volunteer to take over the maintenance of the website, and Paul got the job! Paul planned to make no changes to the content except those necessary to bring the site up-to-date.

Sadly in 2007, Paul Gunningham was involved in a road traffic accident, and died as a result of his injuries, and both websites were passed onto a new editor, Frank Blades, cider addocianado and founder member of Wurzels tribute band The Mangledwurzels. After running both website side-by-side for several months, in March 2008 the decision was made to amalgamate the two into one new website. This wasn’t difficult, as there was very little overlap between the websites, and the two slotted into together quite easily. This new website was calledOld Scrump’s Cider House in memory of Paul Gunningham who used the pseudonym ‘Old Scrump’ when writing about cider.

In 2011, the website was acquired by cider entrepreneur Chris Lilley, the man behind CiderFestivals.co.uk and Lilley’s Cider Online.