There are many small producers of real cider and perry scattered around the UK. The area deservedly most famous for scrumpy is the West Country – notably in Somerset, Devon, Gloucestershire and Herefordshire – but many counties have cider farms. The number of smallscale cider producers has been declining over the years for a variety of reasons, although it is encouraging that recently new producers have been appearing. This page attempts to list all active cider producers across the country.

Old Scrump’s Cider Map containing all active cider producers listed on this website. Please note that not all are open to the public, so please check with the listing, and if neccessary call the farm before visiting!

Finding Cider Farms

Finding some of the cider farms is definitely made easier if you have SatNav or a map with you. Many of the cider farms seem to favour conducting their trade in out-of-the-way places, and can be difficult to find even with directions. I have to admit there ha’ve been a few times when I’ve given up trying to find a cider farm after running out of time and getting hopelessly lost – still, times like those make the pint of scrumpy even more welcome when you do find ’em!

Opening Hours

Most of the places listed are open during normal “shop” hours, and some at additional times. Some producers are only small family-run businesses, sometimes operating from home, where you may turn up and find they’re not in – if possible it’s always advisable to check in advance if you’re not sure, rather than risk disappointment. That way you can also ask directions as well. Before travelling a long way to a producer you haven’t visited before this is particularly advisable – it’s happened to me a few times that I’ve visited places that have either closed down (disaster!) or run out of scrumpy (tragedy!). Luckily for me each time there were others nearby – you may not be so lucky! It’s worth noting here that some producers are not licenced for retail sales and do not welcome callers. If you are in any doubt, call ahead to check.

WARNING TO DRIVERS! CAUTION: if you’re driving, go easy on the tasting – most scrumpy is potent stuff (typically 6%-8% abv), and some of the suppliers are fairly generous with the samples – if you choose to ignore this warning and come a cropper as a result, don’t tell I, tell ‘ee!×